Making a DIN to BNC adapter for the C1-94

Now that the oscilloscope is working again, it’s time to make an adapter for it, since the old scope is still working with DIN, something that got replaced ages ago with the better and more solid BNC type connector. Or at least I was not able to find probes that came with a DIN plug anyway.

A standard 5 pin DIN plug.

So, after figuring out that the C1-94 is configured to have PIN 3 as signal, and PIN 2 as ground/mass, it is time to make a plug for it. For this I will be using a standard DIN plug, a standard BNC connector, and a fair amount of hot snot.

A standard BNC connector

After botching around for a while I suddenly remembered again that I absolutely hate DIN connectors. First of all, you have to heat the pins to solder them. The plastic mold that holds the pins, really doesn’t like heat and melts fast. So even with a temperature controlled soldering iron like I have, it’s a fucking pain to say the least. Next to that, there is that stupid sleeve around it which either always is loose, or so inconvenient for your project that it’s crap in practice. So yeah, all in all, I have the firm opinion that DIN connectors simply suck more than a hooker during her happy hour.

That being said, I don’t want to modify the oscilloscope so I am stuck with it.

Now, first time I tried, of course the BNC plug itself was a bit too thick to get through the black sleeve, so I had to de-solder it again and then fiddle with the sleeve on, soldering it and then fitting the 2 metal parts that form the ring in and making it whole.

This is looking okay... Oh... wait... fuck... the sleeve..
This is looking okay… Oh… wait… fuck… the sleeve..

Now, I will spare you the rather colorful vocabulary that came to pass in the half hour of fiddling around, but you get the general idea. Good thing that I am persistent and managed to produce this.

Got it right this time around.
Got it right this time around.

Now this will already work, but it’s not really solid, so this is the part where the hot snot gets in the picture. What I essentially did was heat up the gun for a while so that the reservoir is nice and hot. Then in a single go I just poured the plug full so that pulling it won’t break the leads and makes the thing much more solid. Then quickly setting the BNC connector on right by pushing it into the liquid glue, and then waiting for it to set. After it set, I filled up the gaps by pushing glue in the gaps and rounding it off with my fingers, resulting in the contraption shown below. It might not be the prettiest thing you have seen so far, but it will work just fine nonetheless and i can throw it around the room without having to worry it’ll break.

The finished product.
The finished product.

I will still have to get the little burrs off that the glue left, but for now i’m happy with it.

Total costs: 2 euro for the connectors, and half a cent worth of hot snot, wire and solder.

Another mini-project finished.

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