Making a DIN to BNC adapter for the C1-94

Now that the oscilloscope is working again, it’s time to make an adapter for it, since the old scope is still working with DIN, something that got replaced ages ago with the better and more solid BNC type connector. Or at least I was not able to find probes that came with a DIN plug anyway. So, after figuring out that the C1-94 is configured to have PIN 3 as signal, and PIN 2 as ground/mass, it is time to make a plug for it. For this I will be using a standard DIN plug, a standard BNC connector, and [ . . . ]

The repair of a C1-94

Going through the basement a few years ago to clean up and to throw out old crap, I ran into some stuff that I actually wanted to try and salvage. One of these items is an old C1-94 (spoken as S1-94) oscilloscope from soviet origin. (I think it was designed in Russia and not one of the member states, but i’m not sure on that). From what I can gather from Russian and German sources is that this particular model was designed and built in 1983, so this is well within the soviet era, which explains the tiny CCCP mark on the [ . . . ]